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You are expecting guests, or just cooking dinner at home? Ahead of a big holiday, or maybe You need a quick and delicious Breakfast? We have collected a variety of recipes so You can at any time choose the appropriate dishes.

The variety of dishes is now quite large. Primarily this is

due to a number of various products, generously represented on the shelves of our stores, and, of course, a whole list of different methods of cooking. Whether You want to cook a simple soup, and maybe You will like the original sandwich, You may be looking for a stunning cake for a birthday, or a few light desserts for friendly get – togethers-all this and much more, can easily be found on our website. Festive, or recipes for every day, all decorated with colorful photos and, of course, are provided with simple step by step instructions, which will not be a problem cooking even the most complicated dishes.

We have collected the delicious dishes from different countries of the world. From the exotic dishes of Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, spicy foods Kyrgyz, Armenian, Tajik to unusual dishes, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or fine dining, French, Greek, Italian cuisine. National dishes have an undeniable flavor, they can easily diversify Your usual menu. Using the proposed recipes You can easily prepare the most unusual dishes at home, surprising their guests and pleased loved ones.

We are pleased to present to Your attention the recipes from our chefs. These dishes are popular among visitors to our restaurants, and we are sure they will be thrilled You and Your family and guests. Nothing will decorate a festive table, dish from the chef, or maybe You just want to buy original and simple dish on a weekday – the experience of our chefs at Your disposal, because these dishes are prepared many times and no doubt will turn out for You.

Search for the most convenient site is made. Not only will you be able to find You the dish, but also to see the offers in your favorite categories. To pick up a seasonal dish, or choose that can be made from existing products very easily. Especially for You we took care of topics dietary and vegetarian food lovers of exotic cuisine is also very quickly be able to find something to taste.

Special attention was paid to drink, because without them no occasion, and on other days no one want to spoil yourself with something delicious, instead of the usual tea. We offer different ways of preparing coffee, and delicious recipes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. Whether You want to surprise your guests at the party, or just treat your family unusual drink is absolutely not difficult.

Of course, we have and complex dishes that require some skill at cooking. But even if You are not confident in their abilities – don’t worry, the instructions to the preparation is very simple and clear, we need only step through all conditions, and even not very experienced in cooking people can prepare delicious and sophisticated dish.

Menu for children requires special attention, because in this period of life a person is growing and developing, so they need to maximize a healthy and balanced diet. At the same time do not forget about taste, because children are very capricious in the choice of food. Our website offers you dishes that are better suited for making children’s menu. First and second courses, salads and, of course, desserts – delicious and healthy meals for baby. If You are interested in ideas for a children’s party, You will be able to quickly find interesting recipes that kids will appreciate.

We invite You to use our website to make a menu for the holidays or every day. Cooking – it takes not much time and effort, and here You can find a lot of appropriate recipes.

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