How to brew coffee, how to brew coffee in Turku

How to brew coffee, how to brew coffee in Turku

Many people argue about how harmful or helpful to drink coffee, scientists have proven that if you consume coffee in moderation, it will increase thinking capacity will be increased resistance of the organism to stress and its reactions. And coffee with a couple of cookies or a delicious Tatra with berries and lift your spirits.

How to brew coffee in Turku?

How to make coffee? To cook flavorful and tasty drink you will need a good Turk and fresh coffee beans. Floors it is better to take small (these coffee beans will transmit taste to the drink).

Turku put on the fire, the bottom is a little warm. Ground coffee beans count: 2 tsp ground coffee with the top pick in 150 ml of water. Sugar should be immediately pour to taste.

Pour cold water. If you brew coffee in Turku, pour water so much that they get at the narrowest pointin the neck (this will be the maximum water saturation aroma of the coffee beverage.

Turku put on the fire. Brew coffee only on slow fire. But if you do not have the time, then reheat in the beginning of water on high heat. Once on the water will form a specific and crisp, the fire will reduce to the minimum the rest of the coffee brewing process done on low heat.

You should watch out for coffee, do not let him escape. After the crust around the edges on the surface will begin to form bubbles (the coffee starts to boil), the crust will rise. Time to remove the pot, not to destroy the crust, but most move this point. Must not be rough allocating a large number of bubbles. The crust will be a tube between the air and the drink, if it breaks, then the whole taste will take. After you remove the pot, wait until will settle the crust, then repeat the whole process another two times.

There are many ways that tell how to brew coffee in Turku. We hope our method will become your favorite drink. Leave your favorite recipe of coffee in Turku in the comments below the article.

How to brew coffee in Turku

Many people start their day with a sandwich and a Cup of strong brewed coffee. If you will cook it in your pot or your coffee maker, the coffee aroma will awaken all of your home. Roasted beans need to grind right before brewing so as not evaporated fresh aroma of coffee. Grinding can be small, large or medium. Many love the grain fine grind dark color.

The finer you grind coffee, the faster it will lift up when boiling, water to give all their properties for preparation of the beverage. Before cooking the water in the filter Turk. To highlight the status of the beverage at the bottom of the Turks put a pinch of salt or a piece of lump sugar. Ground coffee place is based on a water glass in an amount of 1.5 tea spoon of coffee powder. Here we come to the direct recipe brewing.

Water filtering, Turku take the appropriate size for the number of servings.

Permalite coffee beans in a coffee grinder and pour them in Turku.

Pour water, if needed, add sugar, put the coffee to brew on low heat. You have to stand when cooked to no froth. Leave coffee are also ready to stand for a few minutes. In the Cup before the coffee spill pour boiling water to warm, then drain it. Coffee pour from the Turks cups with foam and serve.

How to brew coffee in Turku – recipe with photos

This noble drink for a very long time won the hearts of many. But, unfortunately, to properly brew coffee in Turku are able not all.

In Turka the aroma is absolutely stunning. This taste, You’ll never achieve in your coffee machine. The secret recipe of coffee in a cezve is a form of the dishes, thanks to the narrow neck, the charm of the beverage retained within the Turks. Coffee should be put on the fire and allow to cool three times. And in any case, coffee is not stirred during the cooking process. As a “crust” in the neck of the Turks, which gives coffee to preserve the aroma.

If You belong to the category of coffee lovers, then surely You have different varieties of coffee. Because I like to make coffee song, I always have 3-4 types of coffee beans in store. Just open up on several cans. Choose those scents that you want to hear it is today and that they are mixed.

It is also very useful in the drink to add ground cinnamon and pieces of dried star anise (or chalk). These tea spices not only enhance the flavor of the drink and give it a unique taste, but also very useful for health.

So, how to brew coffee in Turku?

To prepare 2 cups of delicious coffee in Turku we will need 15 minutes of time

Ingredients to make the drink “Coffee in the Turk”:

– coffee beans – 1 tablespoon;

cinnamon – 1 stick;

– star anise – 1 dry flower;

Recipes for coffee in Turku:

Immediately and add sugar (you can use powdered sugar and fructose)

Pour all the dry ingredients with water. I pour hot water (about 80 degrees).

Put coffee on a slow fire and bring to the boil. As soon as the foam began to rise – remove Turku. Allow foam to subside.

Repeat the procedure a second time – the foam is not as persistent.

And the third time coffee warmed to form a foam.

Now coffee is advisable to leave the Turk for another 7-10 minutes, he will not have time to cool down, thanks to the properties of the ceramic heat Turks.

Then coffee can be poured into cups and add sugar to taste.

Pleasure You!

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