Addiction to coffee depend on the nature

Addiction to coffee depend on the nature

Someone who likes tea, and someone – coffee. Have you ever wondered why girlfriend always orders a cappuccino, father only drinks espresso, and the best friend most often prefer a latte? It turns out that between the nature of man and his favorite drink there is a relationship.

Espresso – strong black coffee brewed in the coffee machine. It is a kind of “king of the lab” – based on it, it creates all the other coffee drinks.

Espresso is popular among the realists, conservatives and most straightforward people. They are hard to convince of anything, taking decisions, they are guided only by their own principles. But everyone can rely on. Fans of this drink often prefer luxury cars, simple style, classic music.

Latte – layered coffee drink that consists of espresso, milk and a small amount of milk foam. Infusing the milk froth, baristas put a pattern on the surfaceof the drink.

Latte prefer people who love publicity. They have a good sense of humor. Most often, they are the soul of the company and are very popular with the opposite sex. The evening of the day these people are probably somewhere having fun. They like dance rhythms, noisy parties and restaurant food.

Cappuccino – a mixture of espresso and foamed milk. For his espresso in one to one ratio is mixed with milk and milk foam. It’s the second most popular coffee drink in the world.

Cappuccino love romantics, dreamers and everybody, who has feelings prevail over reason. Often these people have a good heart, an open soul and appreciate honesty in others. Many fans of this perfectly balanced drink prefer to live by the sea, ride the sedans, listen to good pop. And yet they have a sweet tooth.

Americano-espresso diluted with hot water or cooked in the filter coffee.

Fans of American rational and prefer to take everything from life. They always have time, looking for the shortest way to achieve their goal, as a rule, successful. They like a Bohemian lifestyle, fine music, and sports cars. Such individuals often choose housing away from the city center, as it does not suffer vanity. Or, at least, a quiet isolated yard.

It is fair to say that coffee recipes much more than four. What if your friend ordered something else? Connect your logic and analogy. For example, ristretto, doppio, Oriental coffee – can be attributed to the group of espresso. Viennese coffee – cappuccino. And espresso macchiato – to a latte.

That is of coffee it is possible to extract not only the gustatory pleasure, but also to improve their psychological skills. This is especially useful for managers at all levels and those who often negotiates. The head is quite some time to watch what they drink his subordinates to get an idea about their character. Negotiators same time, psychological research is limited. So don’t forget to subtly ask the “opposite side”, what kind of coffee she prefers? The answer will be concluded with the least errors.

And what kind of coffee do you like? After all and your coffee preferences much about you to tell you…

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