The rule making coffee.

Coffee and coffee machines:

The rule making coffee.

Four rules of great coffee.

The first “Rule” in coffee mixture.

A good start is half the battle, and in our case, the choice of a mixture of good quality coffee is suitable for use (restaurant, cafes, bakeries, etc.)

is crucial.

Each of the components of the mixture must be chosen from among the best green beans from countries of origin, and then combined in harmony with all other components to get the organoleptic characteristics, more suitable to the use of the mixture.

Mix for bars not just differ according to the level of quality, it is always high, different in taste and use for which they are intended (or recommended).

Under the roasting describing the next step, we understand that hot air and not a flame (to not burn the beans), in machines of small size, cooks evenly and slowly the product, with air cooling, so as not to alter the content, in accordance with the artisan tradition of Italian espresso.

The second “Rule” to treat grinding: the use, management and maintenance of grinders.

The grinder is a machine is crucial for the success of espresso and at the same time is a component of the more “forgotten” or underestimated, precisely because of its simplicity.

It should be remembered that the blades of the grinder are subject to wear and must be replaced periodically (approximately every 300-500 kg of coffee), as otherwise it will be overheating of the product and the wrong size particle grinding with subsequent incomplete digestion of coffee.

The grind needs to be continually adjusted in the process, so you controlled the degree of grinding, it often depends on the ambient humidity and residence time of ground coffee in the doser.

The calibration of an accurate dose (average of 7 gr.) And suitable power (about 20 kg) and uniform pressing of the powder complement of the correct methodology of the second “Rules”.

The third “Rule” refers to the espresso machine and its proper use, operation and maintenance .

Reliable status and professional setup maker is a prerequisite for proper use of selected mixtures of coffee, but more important for us is to maintain equipment in working condition.

For this you can buy all consumables for maintenance of coffee machines included (filters, gaskets, etc.). Education and training the customer on cleaning and daily maintenance of the machine.

The fourth “Rule” is widely known as “hands” and is the professionalism of the Barista “to do good” all the provisions and proper preparation procedures, including maintenance of the machine.

Among the different types of operator maintenance it is worth noting the “regeneration of the resin for water softening, ion exchange (known as salt) that must be carried out strictly in intervals to maintain the espresso machine from the effects of limestone.

But “hand” for us goes beyond the technical, practical procedures, hands also provide a bar, smiles and politeness of the Manager and his staff, the variety and novelty of the proposed services.

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