How to make coffee.


To prepare natural coffee used the seeds of a tropical tree. Preparing a drink from carefully roasted seeds, which contain caffeine. It has a stimulating and arousing effect on the human body. If drinking coffee is not often and not much, the drink gives cheerfulness and good health. But when excessive coffee drinking reverse reaction occurs and causes harm to the entire body.

The magical scent of coffee, which works so attractive, pleasant taste – it all gives the drink a caffeine. And adding cream, milk or sugar gives a very nutritious drink that affects the human nervous system is very beneficial.

Varieties of coffee very much, they differ from each other, as caffeine content and taste, aroma and color. Industrial production offers ground coffee, natural different varieties, as well as dry extract beverage in the home,it is just called instant coffee. Stored natural ground coffee in cans, maybe one year, and in cardboard boxes – six months. Coffee amazingly well absorbs various odors, so better to store it in closed containers and away from strong smelling products. Storage must be carried out strictly in a dry place, otherwise the coffee will quickly lose its taste and you can only throw away.

Brewed organic coffee in a special coffee maker. In order to properly make coffee you need to know that the pot must be clean, then it should pour boiling water and pour needed amount of water. Then poured ground coffee, per Cup 8 oz. The pot put on the fire and brought to the boil for 2-3 minutes. Be sure to watch the process, after boiling to give the drink a little stand.

How to cook natural black coffee

Poured the boiling water into the pot, added coffee, brewed for three minutes and give a little brew. Coffee can be drunk with sugar and lemon, here, of course, not for everybody.

As brewed coffee with milk

All the same, as in the first case, only after coffee is ready add a little milk. Only never pour cold milk, it must necessarily be hot.

A frothy coffee

It so happens that it is impossible to cook a delicious coffee, you don’t get to upset, it is possible to start just to learn the rules of preparation of this delicious drink.

To make a frothy coffee, cold water must be put two spoons of coffee, put the coffee pot on the stove and not to set a strong fire. Will have to wait a little longer than when cooking other types of coffee. Foam should be uniform, so the pot should stand in the middle of the fire, so that it is evenly distributed. You definitely need to have to remove the pot when the foam starts to fall, only then will meet the taste of brewed coffee.

How to make coffee with rum

Coffee with rum to cook is not difficult, just need to brew regular coffee and add rum and condensed milk.

As experts say it is best to take coffee soft varieties and this rum is aged for at least six years.

Bon appetit!

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