The Golden rules for making better coffee and a little about the etiquette

The Golden rules for making better coffee and a little about the etiquette

If you want to always consume coffee with superior taste and aroma, it is necessary to remember the following rules.

Use to prepare coffee is extremely fresh, cold, clean water. The water you are going to use for coffee should not be

boiled, otherwise the coffee will acquire the taste of bitterness, will lose some flavor.

You have to carefully handle coffeemakers that use to prepare coffee – carefully remove old remnants of coffee and cake; to care for a coffee maker regularly, after each use. Remnants of the old coffee will damage the taste of freshly brewed coffee, destroying its flavor.

Prefer a pot of coffee that is unable to absorb odors, or they can mingle with the scent poured coffee.

Don’t need a long time to keep coffee in a warm place, as this evaporates the aroma.

The ideal is consideredto be the next batch of coffee: one full coffee spoon of freshly ground beans, about 6-10 grams; a Cup of water – 50-70 G.

But few properly prepare coffee, it is also nice to drink! The rules of etiquette suggest that you after the ritual of pouring tea or coffee, drop a spoonful in a glass or Cup, you have to put a spoon on the saucer. If you like to dip in the drink, the cookie dough, it is better to do it alone, as etiquette does not welcome such a gesture. Don’t need to drink coffee or tea a large amount of food in the mouth, you swallow. Drink your coffee while it is hot, take small SIPS, don’t emit any sounds. Keep in the left hand saucer, and your right hand hold a Cup to her lips. If in your coffee, added milk, then, as is customary, the saucer should be left on the table. Don’t automatically need to move the little finger, and place the finger inside the handle. If there are special tweezers, then don’t take sugar with their coffee spoon; just take hand sugar cubes and place into a Cup.

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