Coffee, recipes for Italian coffee


Talk about what kind of coffee is better – it meaningless, you can try and compare endlessly.

For many of us, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is akin to a miracle, he gives us energy in the morning and fills us with joy even gloomy autumn or winter morning. Coffee aroma has a stunning ability to make a good start to the day and joyful.

There is a great variety of recipes for coffee. Someone who likes only the Paris version of cooking, someone prefers Oriental recipes. And the Italians believe that the real coffee can weld only in Italy, not anywhere, but certainly in Naples to help you together with the aroma of coffee could breathe the air of Italy. In their view, the sky and air of Italy must be included in the recipe of this wonderful drink.

About the sky and the air, of course, you can argue, but no one will argue against the fact that the preparation of coffee – this is a real art.

Talkabout what kind of coffee is better – it meaningless, you can try and compare endlessly. Well roasted coffee beans filled the kitchen as the aroma while grinding. So enjoy the coffee can, starting with the moment of choice varieties.

Regardless of whether you cook coffee in a cezve, coffee pot or coffee maker, you need to use the soft fresh water. Italians believe that for the proper preparation of espresso coffee to the desired mineral water without gas.

Another famous recipe Italian coffee called latte in Italian means “milk”. This layered cocktail consisting of espresso, milk and milk foam. In a glass, first pour the foamed milk, and then, very carefully pour the espresso. If you act carefully, the layers will not mix, and in the glass will be delicious cocktail latte.

Latte can be served with fruit syrup, by any, except the lemon, because lemon sour milk.

There are many recipes for coffee-based latte: hazelnut latte, latte with cinnamon, latte with chocolate… you Can even add liqueur, rum or brandy.

Layered cocktails latte in Italy drink in the morning, while the Italians prefer black coffee.

Another coffee, a similar preparation with latte Italian cappuccino. In cappuccinos frothed milk in less than a latte. Served cappuccino in a porcelain Cup, which does not allow him to cool down, and top with milk foam plays the role of an insulator, which keeps coffee hot longer.

Cappuccino translates from Italian as a hood. This was the name of the clothing of the monks of the Capuchin, and that their closed clothing gave its name to coffee.

There is another legend about the origin of the name of this coffee drink. Tell that to the 17th century Capuchin monk Marco D ‘ Aviano invented the recipe cappuccino Vienna after the battle, and because the recipe was named in his honor. But in any historical document of no small confirmation of this legend.

Prepare and espresso, and cappuccino in a special coffee machine that supports the required temperature and vapor pressure. This machine was invented in the early years of the twentieth century, in Italy, Luigi Betstsera.

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