Recipes coffee body scrubs

Recipes coffee body scrubs

The easiest way of cooking scrub mix some coffee with one of the base oils, lotion or body cream. You can add a pinch of cinnamon – it will warm up the skin during application, and the scrub will become even more pleasant aroma. You can add essential oils with anti-cellulite effect .

For the rapid procedure of coffee can be mixed with bath gel. For this purpose the best gels with conditioning ingredients and “warm” scents, for example vanilla, chocolate, Shea butter. But much more good will “compound” recipes.

Scrub with sea salt

100-150 grams of coffee grounds;

100-150 g of medium-sized sea salt;

10 ml olive (or any other) oil.

Mix these components, with the resulting scrub massage the skin for about five minutes.

Scrub with clay

50 g of coffee grounds;

100 g of black, pink or blue clay;

10-20 ml of water .

The rules are the same. This scrub is useful to leave on the skin as a mask.

Scrub with yogurt

This scrub is especially suitable for those prone to dry skin.

Scrub with honey

Such a composition should not be kept on the skin for over ten minutes. During use try to do a gentle massage in the form of a series of taps on the bottom to the top, it will help to cope with cellulite .

Scrub with pepper

150 g of coffee grounds;

150 g of medium-sized sea salt;

1 spoon pertsevoj tincture.

These scrubs can be kept on the skin for no longer than five minutes. Pepper tincture composition well warms the skin and increases blood circulation.

A recipe for coffee scrubs for face

Scrub with cottage cheese

Easy to massage into skin with a scrub, leave it on for 5-10 minutes as a mask. Rinse off with water. This mask is suitable for all skin types, except oily.

Scrub with sugar and oil

1 tablespoon of coffee grounds;

1 tsp brown sugar ;

1 tablespoon of any base oil;

cinnamon and salt on the tip of a knife.

Apply massage movements after ten minutes, rinse. This mask is good to maintain healthy skin and cleanses the skin.

What else to read on this topic?

Scrub with walnut

1 tablespoon finely ground walnut ;

1 tsp coffee grounds.

The method of using the same. This mask gives freshness to tired skin.

Scrub with fruit puree

1 tablespoon mashed grapes. Apple or any fruit;

1 tsp coffee grounds.

The rules are the same. This purifying mask is particularly suitable for oily skin.

Scrub with oat flakes

1 tablespoon ground oatmeal ;

1 tsp of coffee grounds;

1 teaspoon of yogurt, sour cream or cream depending on skin type.

Apply the scrub and massage the skin for 1-2 minutes, rinse.

Star fans of coffee scrubs

Hollywood divas also take care of themselves using homemade scrubs using coffee.

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow. for example, use a homemade scrub with ground coffee, olive oil and cane sugar. If you want to follow her example, it is possible for a person take the coffee fine grind, and for a ” body coffee medium grind: the larger the particles, the more intense will run the tool.

Homemade coffee scrub likes to use, and Cameron Diaz. She mixes the coffee with butter and salt. This tool is excellent for body care. A fan of this scrub is and Halle berry.

Recipe coffee scrub for face Jessica Alba is also simple: 3-5 teaspoons of the plain yogurt without additives, it mixes with 1 tea spoon of ground coffee and 2 teaspoons of coconut oil .

The rules for the use of coffee scrubs

Before the procedure, take a warm bath or steam out the skin;

Before using the scrub, you can wear gloves;

Apply the scrub only on wet skin;

Massage over skin in an average of 10 minutes;

Do not use scrub more than twice a week;

After the procedure, always use the cream;

After the procedure, you can take a bath with sea salt, douche .

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