Top 11 ways to brew coffee

From foreign words on the menu modern coffee shops dazzled. Let’s go over the main options. Of course, the easiest way that many use in offices, coffee Polish. It is made in the Cup. Without any machines. But there are some nuances. Many first pour the coffee and then pour it with boiling water, though, that the drink was really strong and delicious, you need to do the opposite: first you pour a Cup of boiling water, and then pour two tablespoons of ground coffee. Once the coffee will sink to the bottom, the drink is ready. And, not just ready. and brewed in such a way! Try more 11

ways to brew coffee!

1. Coffee Oriental (Turkish)

For this method we have to thank the Arabs. 1 tsp finely ground coffee into a cezve (Turku, wine) and pour a half glass of cold water. Cook over low heat, without stirring. As soon as you start up the coffee foamcoffee remove from heat and, without straining, pour into cups. Turkish coffee is usually served with a glass of cold water, a drink which helps to feel all the details of the coffee taste.

2. Plunger (piston method)

Coffee coarse grind to fill the bottom of a tall glass vessel, pour over boiling water. To give the drink to infuse for 5 minutes, and then separating the midst of a piston is attached to the lid.

3. Drip method (filtration)

The easiest way of brewing coffee. Coffee medium grind is poured into the cone-shaped filter. Top one drop of hot water, which after extraction is sent to the coffee pot.

4. Geyser coffee maker type

Geyser coffee makers are very popular. This device consists of three sections. At the bottom is filled with water, put in an average of coffee coarse grind, condenses on top of the finished drink. The water boils from the fire or heater. Hot steam rises through the geyser and passes through the layer of coffee in the upper vessel. The coffee is strong and rich.

5. Compressive coffee machine (espresso machine)

In an espresso coffee machine prepares less than a minute – just press one button. The principle of operation is based on the passage of steam under high pressure is pressed through finely ground coffee.

Attention! Not “espresso”, as many say, and espresso! “King” in Legion coffee drinks: it is on this basis prepare the rest. For one serving you need 7 grams of ground coffee (1 teaspoon) and 40 ml of hot water. Common varieties: espresso macchiato (standard portion, decorated with a dollop of milk foam), Romano (served with lemon), Coretta (with a few drops of alcohol), lungo (take more water – 50-60 ml).

Esspresso with the addition of boiling water. Normal volume – 120-150 ml.

Espresso with whipped milk foam. The milk froth using the steam generator. Serving 150-200 ml.

The most concentrated and refreshing coffee (7 g coffee 20-25 ml of water). Serving is designed for 1-2 SIPS. Used, usually without sugar. Served with a glass of cold water.

A cocktail composed of three parts: milk, espresso and milk foam. The drink is served in a tall glass with a straw. You can add syrup, cinnamon.

11. Mocha or mokkachino

Very tasty: a latte with the addition of melted chocolate or cocoa. Chocolate coffee served in a glass, and, often, in the form of beautiful layers, hot chocolate, milk, coffee, vzbitye cream. If you want to do, remember that chocolate is poured hot (50 ml), then cold milk (50 ml), then hot coffee (70 ml) and the cap wesbite cream.

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