Basic rules for the preparation of coffee with syrups

Basic rules for the preparation of coffee with syrups

When preparing coffee syrup be aware that syrups have their own distinct taste. It is therefore important to keep some proportions: for making a Cup of espresso is recommended to take approximately 5 ml syrup (1 tsp) per serving cappuccino or coffee with milk (200 ml) – 20-30 ml of syrup (4-6 tsp) per serving coffee cocktail 30 ml syrup (6 tablespoons).

It is also necessary to consider that the syrups on the basis of fructose is more sweet than syrup on sucrose, so the amount of added syrup (according to the manufacturers ‘ recommendations) should be less.

You also need to take into account the presence or absence of such characteristics of the syrup as clotting when combined with milk and hot components. If the syrups are collapsed, they are not suitable for the preparation of hot coffee and coffee with milk (latte, cappuccino, etc.).

Taken to prepare the following drinks – espresso with syrup Latte with syrup(hot and cold), Cappuccino with syrup, Coffee cocktails with syrups (hot and cold).

Espresso with syrup

Espresso with syrup on the bottom of the Cup, pour 5-10 ml of syrup. Then prepare an espresso in a Cup with syrup (if making coffee in a cezve or a French press, pour it into a Cup). Mix.

Latte with syrup hot (layers)

For a drink you want one part espresso and three parts hot milk whipped with a small amount of foam To prepare a hot latte with syrup on the bottom of the glass or Irish-Cup pour the syrup. Then, a thin stream, better bar spoon, gently pour a little warm milk. Next, whisk the second portion of the milk and place the foam in a glass. Prepare the coffee. Carefully pour it into a glass with a layer must be formed between milk and milk foam. Trace of coffee on foam mask (you can put a little more foam), garnish with grated chocolate, orange zest, cinnamon (to taste), serve the drink with a straw.

Latte with syrup cold

To prepare cold latte with coffee syrup cook, add 20 ml of the syrup and mix thoroughly. In a glass place the ice cubes, add 70 ml of cold milk and coffee syrup.

Cappuccino with syrup

Cappuccino with syrup on the bottom of the Cup, pour 15 ml of syrup. Then prepare the coffee in the Cup (if you are preparing coffee in a cezve or a French press, pour it into a Cup). Mix. Add steamed milk and milk foam.

Coffee cocktails with syrups. Cocktail recipes based on coffee with added syrups >>

Coffee with syrups You might need the following equipment:

Pitcher, jigger, bar spoon, shaker, blender, spray, cappuccino Cup, espresso Cup, Irish Cup

Syrups for coffee, you can prepare yourself or purchase.

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