Making coffee in the Turk.

big502951c985b991[1]How to brew coffee in Turku?

Countless people can’t imagine their awakening without this wonderful drink. And really, what could be better than taking a SIP of hot, freshly made coffee in Turku, whether it’s a rainy autumn morning or a cold winter day? Because coffee aroma has the ability to pleasant awakening and pleasure, will give you energy for the day.

To start a conversation with how do you properly brew coffee in Turku, should not be, because it depends on countless factors, starting with your preference and ending with the grade of the coffee. But so many of them that everyone is sure to find the same recipe and taste that will bring joy and strength from morning to him. And despite what the recipe brewing you choose Italian or Arabic, Oriental or French fine, because the preparation of any of them is an art.

People, more or less versed and appreciating coffee really know what the best option is to buy coffee beans, then grind just before cooking range, it allows to keep the remaining coffee its aroma of coffee and give a true and unique color, taste and fragrance. Sort of coffee for myself again, everyone chooses, because every (Arab or Mexican, African or Colombian) has its charm. Naturally good grade roasted coffee is one that possesses an attractive flavor before grinding.

The process of making coffee in a Turk is not only art, but also the chef brings such a unique pleasure that if about this process (for example, about the way the flow) you start to tell a real foodie, then before the end of his narrative you won’t survive and will run even in the inclement weather to look for a coffee to enjoy it.

Traditionally, the Turk must be made of copper, its volume may be completely different, as calculated for one Cup and five or six. Handle in such Turka should also be comfortable. In Turka are cooked almost all the recipes Arabic coffee.

What exactly is the problem when brewing coffee? To be able to translate all the nutrients from solid to liquid, it does not give them dissipate when heated. The best and most ancient method of brewing coffee is on the hot sand. Sand evenly warms the entire area of the Turks, and thus the coffee in it, in parallel, when boiling (not boiling!) a homogeneous foam, which, rising, clog narrow base at the top of the Turks, which makes essential oils and other useful substances to leave this wonderful drink. That’s what the Turk’s such a wonderful form – wide bottom and narrow top. However, disadvantages associated with this method of cooking is also evident. Well, where we’ll take in the home to the fine, uniform sand, warmed in addition to three hundred degrees?

For cooking, use fresh and soft water. With regard to storage of coffee, store coffee should in a dark and cool place, and if ground coffee is open in an airtight container, then store it in the fridge for him to retain his seductive aroma.

If you are tired of the taste of the monotony of the coffee to which you are accustomed, and sufficient expertise in the choice of the drink you have, then I would suggest you go to a specialty store where basically should work, well-trained people who will tell you something new, by the way, not without pleasure, as the people working in coffee shops are often in love with this drink, and not primenet to share with you my experiences and impressions about this or that grade.

In addition there are specialist coffee shops which not only sell different varieties of coffee, but will also prepare any sort for you if you are not undecided. By the way, if you see that you are interested in any of the varieties, it is possible that will prepare for you a Cup of free to help with this.

It is very important to brew the coffee with a glass of boiled cold water. With each new breath the taste of freshly made coffee dulled, but if you alternate every new SIP of the drink with a SIP of water, and the taste of coffee and its aroma will be felt with new force, like the first time you tried it.

So, the main feature of making coffee in the Turk – is that grounds not leave, but remains in the drink, allowing you to retain all the nutrients contained in the beans.

When purchasing coffee it is necessary to consider that if you buy already ground, then it needs to be ground under this method of cooking. In some places it is possible to grind this grain.

Water should be taking a cold (ideally ice), but not boiled, and in any case not from the tap.

When heating the Turks on the bottom pour the coffee based one scoop of coffee with a slide on one Cup. Reheat coffee without water, without fanaticism, not to singe it. You can add sugar or spices to taste (e.g., cinnamon).

When heated on the surface of the coffee forms a light foam, which must emerge periodically to remove and put in a Cup (or cups), and then mixing the remaining coffee. Full coffee you’ll know when it begins to climb in Turka. However, remember that coffee is in any case can not be boiled. When ready have to pour the coffee into a pre-warmed Cup. If coffee in the Cup will cover uniform light foam, then you did the right thing.

And here is how to prepare coffee with milk. Five teaspoons of coffee to fill in 250 grams of boiling water, stir. Socipathic, pour 250 grams of hot milk, bring to a boil and remove from heat. Serve with sugar (about five servings). Coffee may take any grinding, but the smaller the better.

As for variations on the theme of taste you can add different herbs and spices. One the taste is cinnamon, another ginger, the third like honey. In coffee even add the garlic and salt, cardamom and cloves. All this gives your drink an unforgettable and unique taste combined with milk and sugar. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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