We continue on our website the theme “coffee” in the previous article describes how to ground coffee product of Amway, this article will discuss what is coffee and how to brew coffee Amway.

Real natural coffee connoisseurs know that the taste and flavor of coffee depends on many factors. As you know, the best option to prepare flavored coffee drink from freshly ground coffee beans. But, if you bought coffee amway ground, we need to remember: keep natural ground coffee in airtight

packaging or packaging in a cool, dark place. Low temperature and hermetic capacity gives essential aromatic substances evaporate. If you have opened the vacuum packaging of coffee, under such conditions, it is desirable to store ground coffee no more than two weeks.

Coffee Amway sold in packages of four packages,each for 250 grams, which is very convenient until you have opened one package of ground coffee, and every day you prepare yourself a drink, and the remaining three are in vacuum packaging, which can be stored for long periods in a dry, cool place without losing their flavorings.

Coffee, like all other products has helpful nutritional value. In 100 grams of natural coffee without sugar contains carbohydrates – 0.1 g, proteins – 0.2 g, calcium – 5 mg, potassium – to 9 mg, vitamin PP and #8212; 0.6 mg; fat – 0.6 g, phosphorus – 7 mg, and even iron – 2 mg Energy value – 9 kcal. All these vitamins are essential for our body.

But as you know everything should be the measure, it is recommended to drink 2-3 cups of coffee. Consider the beneficial properties of coffee: improves circulation in the brain; reduces puffiness; prevents stroke, diabetes; helps in digestion; prevents cholelithiasis and so on.

There are also contraindications: not recommended to consume coffee who suffer from high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease; peptic ulcer.

Now, if the coffee is fresh, and storage conditions are appropriate, you will be able to enjoy the wonderfully fragrant drink, toning and usbdrive your body.

In order to fully understand the taste and aroma of natural Amway coffee . it must be properly prepared. Each country has its own secrets to make the coffee. But, if you have never prepared a drink from natural coffee, it is best to stick to a set limit – no more than 1-2 teaspoon of ground coffee per Cup of water. Well, to be more precise, experts recommend 10 to 12 grams of ground coffee for 180 cubic cm, if you want coffee double strength then water in less than half. From lack of coffee powder drink will not be as fragrant and delicious, but if the ground coffee will be above the norm, the drink will be bitter to the high content of caffeine, which is harmful to health.

Another important point, the taste and aroma of coffee can affect water. For the preparation of noble coffee drink the water must be absolutely pure, fresh, no impurities type: lime, chlorine, rot, etc. If the water is hard, it must be defended before to cook it.

Recipe coffee amway :

In a pre-heated Turku (better to buy copper), add Amway coffee and 2 teaspoons of sugar 1-2 teaspoons to add a few drops of hot water, grind. After pour water 100 ml and put on a small fire to warm up for 15 minutes. As soon as you see that rises a thick foam, Turku coffee, remove from heat. So to repeat three times. To grounds quickly settled in Turku, add an ice cube, after pouring it into the Cup.

Of course there are many different recipes for coffee and cocktails, it is to your taste and preference.

Last tip: it is better to buy Turku copper, if the Turk will clay you have to stick to one class and recipe coffee because clay Turk absorbs the aroma of coffee, and if you want to prepare for a new recipe and of other varieties and roasting of coffee, you will not feel the difference of aroma and taste. Also remember, never wash Turku detergent, just rinse with hot water, but if the Turk is dirty can be easily cleaned soda.

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