How to make coffee in a pot in extreme conditions

How to make delicious coffee in a pot

The most popular way of making coffee is, of course, in Turku. But if such vessel is not, did you know that in an emergency situation, you can even brew coffee in a regular pot?

Turka cezve and. of course, indispensable when cooking beverage for yourself and your second half. However, they do not save in the emergence of a large

number of guests who want to chat over a Cup of coffee. It happens so that there is no possibility to use Turku or other device for making coffee, and so want to drink a Cup of refreshing aromatic drink.

For example, if you stay with friends in the country, brewing the beverage in Turka for each guest will be quite long and time-consuming. Fortunately, you can cook delicious drink in an ordinary saucepan.

How to make coffeein a pot

We offer you to familiarize yourself with useful tips that will allow you to cook a large amount of great coffee for yourself and friends, without losing the useful properties of the drink.

The choice of pots

For cooking drinking in this unusual way, the first thing you will need to directly pan. When it is selected for pulping coffee preference it is recommended to give a roomy enameled or metal bucket. Aluminum is not taken, otherwise the drink may not live up to expectations. The vessel must be free of any foreign odors.

Before cooking coffee pot it is better to rinse with boiled water, and in case it is new – before first use, wash thoroughly.

Coffee beans

It’s no secret that the most delicious coffee from freshly ground beans. Note that coffee, brewed from beans finely ground, not too flavorful. And the grounds will settle for longer. Ideal – medium grind grains, although in General the degree of grinding depends solely on personal taste preferences.

The recipe of the coffee in the pot

Approximate proportion of 1 liter of water – 5-7 tablespoons (50 g) ground beans (with slide), however, can be oriented according to their taste preferences.

Pour desired amount of water, add sugar to taste or other spices. After boiling water, the pot, remove from heat and pour coffee.

Then place on the stove over a small fire but to boil not to bring. After the foam is formed, then remove from heat.

A few minutes to give the drink to infuse. When will settle the coffee grounds, the drink can be poured into cups.

Now the coffee is ready. Better to eat whole cooked drink, otherwise its aroma and taste characteristics through time will not be as bright.

To black coffee milk, cream and sugar.

This method of cooking is good enough when there are no other fixtures or have a big company. And you have no other choice but to make delicious coffee in a regular pot.

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